Science Communication

My research also orbits the public understanding of science and social implications of new technologies.

My recent studies in science communication revolve two lines: 1) Media representations and public perceptions of climate change/global warming, and 2) impact and societal ramifications of technologies like artificial intelligence. Specifically, I seek to answer the queries as to how legacy media depict climate change; how people discuss climate change through digital platforms; how media representation, information-seeking, and information-sharing affect the public understanding of climate change; and how the utilization of technologies such as AI influence individuals’ emotions and perceptions of reality?

I have been performing experiments, survey research, media content analyses and focus group interviews in addressing the above queries.

Representative publications:

Su, Y. & Hu, J. (2021). How did the top two greenhouse gas emitters depict climate change? A comparative analysis of the Chinese and US media. Public Understanding of Science. 1-17.

Yan Su
Assistant Professor

My research concerns network agenda-setting, intermedia agenda-setting, and political participation.